Sumanta Baruah

Senior Communications Manager with Expertise in Technology Storytelling | Skilled in Visual Communication – Animation, Cartoon, Comics, Infographic | Background in Technology (SW Development)

Promotional animation stories on Tizen

The  animations explain the features and the benefits of Tizen (Samsung OS for mobile, TV, IoT & cloud). Samsung used these globally to promote Tizen through digital media, B2B events and developer summits.

The latest animation in the series (unveils Tizen 4.0) | 2017

The first animation in the series (introduces Tizen) | 2015

Graphic Narratives on Samsung and SRIB

The Saga of Samsung: A graphic narrative illustrating Samsung’s inspirational history; it became the all-time most read story on Media Samsung (a global blog for Samsung Employees). Click on the image to read.

The Saga of Samsung

The Voyage of SRIB: A graphic narrative depicting the journey of Samsung R&D Bangalore (SRIB). Click on the image to read.

The Voyage of SRIB

Video forms of these stories are being used during induction programmes and executive visits. These works are on display as murals in the Samsung R&D Bangalore lobby >

Articles on Samsung India Newsroom

Stories from Samsung R&D Banaglore – published on Samsung India Newsroom

Science and Technology Cartoons (Hobby)

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